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Astoria Park is a health care complex whose purpose is to enable it’s residents to achieve and maintain an optimum level of health in a safe, dignified and therapeutic environment by offering comprehensive and progressive rehabilitation programs, sub acute, short, long-term care and hospice care. As a part of its long range plan, the administration and management of Astoria Park must constantly work with its residents, families, caregivers and community resources to reassess its modus of health care delivery so as to better meet the needs of the community it serves.

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Astoria Park

725 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Phone: 203-366-3653
Fax: 203-333-6974
Admissions Fax: 203-368-3076        

Merritt Parkway
(from north or south)
Take Exit 47 and travel South on Park Avenue past Sacred Heart University for approximately 2.5-3 miles

Rehabilitation Services
Intensive Rehabilitation Services
Astoria Rehabilitation Center offers a full range of physical therapy services including evaluation and treatment.  
Expect only the best in total rehabilitation at Astoria Park. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals, headed by a case manager, will custom-tailor your rehabilitation program for an individualized plan unique to your physical, environmental and social needs. Your case manager will coordinate your therapy plan with physicians, nurses, therapists, and other medical personnel. Working together, our ambitious team will critically evaluate your condition and needs to chart an outcome-oriented treatment course which will be continuously monitored and assessed along the path to your discharge.

Our goal is to define and maximize every opportunity to assure you reach your highest potential of recovery following rehabilitation. You can rely on our professionals to combine their expertise with your determination to help you get better and hasten your return home.

Highly Trained Staff
Astoria Park's complex medical services are delivered by specially trained professionals in a comfortable, therapeutic environment designed to promote patient recovery
The Astoria Park specially trained team of professionals includes Case Managers, Nurse Managers, Physical Therapist,  Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Registered Dietician, Social Worker and Recreation Therapists. Our progressive focus on individualized therapy plans assures that
each patient will participate in a recovery course unlike any other. We're confident that our interdisciplinary clinical team will work diligently to assure each patient reaches an optimal level of recovery at Astoria Park.

Join the refinement of our setting with the exemplary standards and quality of our professional team, and you have a rehabilitation center at the top of its league. Discover the exceptional path to your rehabilitative recovery at Astoria Park.
Extensive Experience
Astoria Park offers a high staff to patient ratio, and provides physical, occupational and speech therapy treatments six days per week.
We have successfully rehabilitated and discharged patients presenting a multiplicity of conditions, including orthopedic disorders, stroke and other neurological disorders, cardiac diseases, post-acute surgical conditions, oncology recovery, amputations, complex skin conditions, pulmonary diseases, neck injuries/whiplash, amputee Rehab, low back injuries, prosthetic training, chronic pain management, joint replacement, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

Fully licensed therapists at Astoria Rehabilitation Center provide highly individualized rehabilitation services to decrease pain, increase strength and flexibility, and maximize independence. Our treatment modalities comprise: electric simulation, extensive therapeutic exercise program, gait training, ultrasound and hydrotherapy. The essential component in Astoria Park's philosophy is our promise to deliver your therapy program with professionalism, integrity and sensitivity. We will create the best personal rehabilitation plan for you so you will see the greatest improvement possible. An intensive rehabilitation program enables us to create the best individualized patient program possible with the latest equipment in the largest treatment center in the area.
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